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Kalaimamani Vasantha Vaikunth“Life is your creation and design, learn the art of happiness that is hidden in every action. Feel the vastness of the space that is given to you, preserve its beauty, hold hands with fellow beings and learn to walk the path of your goal”Vasantha Vaikunth

Life n Living is an initiative to help today’s generation to understand and create an awareness of the life style that is techno infested and fast paced. We will conduct workshops and interviews of university students to understand their perspective on the changing environment and enable them to form an interactive platform on this website.

“Life in your hands” is our phrase. If you ever find yourself on cross roads, open your smart phone and interact with us; you will find an answer. Our time-tested scriptures hold the gear to our changing speed in life.

Changing life, particularly the present revolution on relationships, sexuality and corporate functioning have baffled all sections of the society and age groups. This website is trying to help and answer all day today questions. Parenting, midlife crisis, retirement phobia, education and employment, success synonymous with material acquisition, loneliness in the world of social media are a few of the issues we will be addressing. Your valuable comments are always welcome for us to improvise our messages.

How many people have the time to visit ‘satsangas’ and spend time on self healing? Life is too fast paced. This website ‘lifenliving.org’ will enable everyone to attend any inspirational or motivational program, interactive sessions, life style exposure, and life skill program online only with your smart phone.

Vasantha Vaikunth says ‘I wish to serve mankind till my last breath and I thought the best way to get to the mind of the people is through ‘lifenliving’ website.

Founder Profile

Vasantha Vaikunth
Vasantha Vaikunth is a multi-faceted personality who has explored and excelled in the field of art for passion as a dancer and as a corporate counselor, motivational speaker on various subjects on mental wellness much needed today. She is the founder of lifenliving.org that gives emotional support to urbanites who are caught in the techno infested society. She supports university students who look for direction and guidance.

Lifenlving.org has been included in the syllabus of Ramaiya Institute of technology. She has conducted seminars and workshops on change management in Reliance group, Axis Bank, Accenture, Atkins, Fidelity finances, University of Massachusetts, and Tufts in USA, IIT Chennai, Oxford college, many prestigious groups in India and abroad.

She has started a platform called JUST SPEAK an extension of lifeniving.org where social issues are discussed and debated by noted personalities from all over the world. The topics vary from wellness, fitness to money matters, marriage as an institution, media menace to toxic generation, all of these available in the LifenLiving Youtube channel. She is a well-known name in corporate circles for her philanthropic services and motivational talks.
“What makes me most happy is the smile I bring on human faces after I speak” says Vasantha .
Vasantha vaikunth who started as a columnist in times of Oman in the name of ‘life and living’ became popular as she is the first one to expound our scripture to suit the modern times. She says’ our ancient scriptures like Bagawathgita, Vedanta, Bagawath purana, Upanishads do not come under time limitation’.

She was invited by the university of tufts and Massachusetts to run workshops on ‘life skills’ while she was touring USA on her dance assignments. She gives lectures on management of mind, power of the mind, handling negative energy from within and outside for corporate, schools and universities. She is known for her counselling sessions for students in the gulf and India and her motivational programs have won her appreciation from all over the world.

She is a Bharathanatyam performing artist who has more than 200 shows to her credit. Her achievement in art made her win the most prestigious award ‘Kalaimamani’ from Government of Tamil Nadu.

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