It’s All In The Mind – Managing Mind’s Fluctuations

It’s All InTheMind – Managing Mind’s Fluctuations

Turbulence and loss of balance come from fluctuations of the mind. Patanjali,the Ultimate guru of yoga, talks about 5 types of vrittis- fluctuations. The one that destroys equanimity is Viprayana i.e. misconception of something. This makes people feel that they either have some unknown disease or have a fear of calamity.They get agitated and lose sleep. Vikalpa is imagination – Vritti that supports wrong knowledge.

Example – You mistake a pillar to be a ghost and get terrified. In life too, we imagine many things about people around us and get tortured in mind. We need to quieten these hallucinations to get over anxiety and insomnia.

Example –The bottom of the lake is not visible as it is covered with ripples and mud. Our self is the lake’s bottom, chitta is the lake, and waves are the vrittis (fluctuations). Yoga or meditation is almost impossible unless we get over these afflictions of the mind;yoga will remain a mere bodily discipline, and meditation will be another day-to-day ritual. In order to elevate these sadhanas, we need to purify our minds.

Let’s celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21st with equanimity.