Sustainable wellness

Self-care is the most common way to appreciate ourselves and practice self-love. Self-love is a concept that governs our morals and helps us stay grounded, feel secure and build self-esteem.  Self-care is “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s well-being and happiness, particularly during periods of stress.

In the history of the world, there has never been anyone who is precisely the same as you, and they will never be. No one has the same thoughts, feelings, or approaches to life as us. We are unique – and can never be replicated. Feeling of adequacy is the key to confidence. There are times when this feels amazing. It is tempting at those times to dwell on what is lacking in us as an individual, and try to compensate with what we are good at. More often  we live our lives portraying confidence on the outside, while we believe it is nothing but a facade on the inside. This detracts from our feelings of realism, making us feel unfit or unworthy of love. We find ourselves in this type of self-defeating mind-set; however, a meditative approach can change how we think and approach issues such as the absence of self-love and self-confidence. I imagine what would happen if we took a more compassionate attitude towards ourselves, instead of being hard on us and making severe judgments about our physical, mental and emotional attributes, separate from the negative thoughts that cause so much of your distress. Instead, meditate on feelings of love and compassion for yourself as the living, breathing miracle you are. You can facilitate the confidence to let your individuality shine, achieve your goals and develop the courage to go out and enjoy life! Focus on any happiness your current life brings; magnify the intensity and importance of the little things you like about yourself and your life. Meditating regularly can help with this.

Benefits of self-love meditation

Studies have shown that engaging in introspection regularly can reduce the tendencies that some of us have toward self-criticism, lead to positive growth in our confidence to show others who we are, and enable us to view any periods in which we feel inadequate or not up to a task as fleeting instead of permanent, reduce anxiety, depression and other forms of suffering that can arise. we can increase the amount of compassion we feel for ourselves. Regular meditation can help increase our feelings of fulfilment  and lessen the sadness and isolation associated with spending time on our own. The good news is that your past does not have to be your future. These changes start after only two weeks of regular meditation practice. The result is that you can be happier, more confident and less stressed. Feeling more optimistic about life, in turn, extends that compassion and love out into the world as an authentic extension of who you are. Focusing on self-love will allow you to tap into the knowledge hidden deep down in your core: you do not need to be anybody else except your beautiful, authentic self. By embracing a regular meditative practice, we can embrace ourselves and our life with new eyes and a compassionate approach that will make even the little things much more enjoyable.





Ruha Vaikunta