The Value Of Online Counseling

The pressures, demands and fast pace of modern life are taking a toll on everyone, irrespective of age, gender, profession or social status. The pressures often keep building up until a person’s ability to function is affected. Internalizing the problems or trying to hide from them is never a solution – it only makes matters worse. For as long as man has existed, the benefits of being able to talk about problems with trusted friends and loved ones have been known. It is literally a case of being able to share the burden and take the weight off oneself.

Whom Do You Talk To

We all talk to people every day and share aspects of our life with them. We share the most with those we are closest to. When it comes to dealing with major problems that one cannot handle by oneself, sharing the burden helps to be able to share the load. However, this sharing can, at times, be temporary in terms of relieving stress and tension and may not provide the answers that are needed for a permanent solution. Traditionally, the most effective way to get effective help in dealing with life’s problems was to go in for professional counselling. A trained professional will know how to put a person at ease, enable them to talk freely and express themselves and then assist them in finding the best solutions to the problems they face. However, one-on-one physical interaction with a counselor has its disadvantages too. That is why online counselling has become such a popular way for people to get the help and guidance they need.

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Why Online Counselling?

The benefits of online counselling are many:

  • People often feel reluctant to go to a counselor for help. The reason for this includes diffidence, fear or shyness about speaking of personal matters with a stranger or embarrassment. With online counselling, the person seeking help is able to interact with the counselor from the comfort and security of surroundings of their choice. This increased comfort level makes discussion problems and working towards solutions easier.
  • A 1 hour session with a counselor in her office may mean a person needs to travel an hour or more each way. This takes a big chunk out of a day; time which many people with busy lives cannot afford to lose. Online counselling eliminates the time wasted in traveling and makes it easier to devote quality time to interaction with the counselor.
  • Many people feel ashamed of visiting a counselor because they feel there is a stigma attached to it. Although such visits are as normal as seeing a dentist for a toothache, they are not at ease with the concept. Online interaction allows them to maintain their distance from the counselor, in physical terms, and also to maintain their anonymity if they so desire. This put them at ease and allows for more productive counselling.
  • Being able to interact by email and chat allows for people to organize their thoughts more effectively and express themselves more clearly. Online communication is also often much less stressful than face to face discussions of personal or painful issues.

There is much more to online counselling than simple exchanging emails with a counselor. To understand fully the advantages of this modern method of interaction and the benefits it offers, contact Life N Living, which specializes in working with you online to find the solutions you need to overcome problems and add value to your life.

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