Do you have any tips for concentration or productivity in the office? I’m more than a year into my first full-time position in marketing, and I’m either experiencing burnout. I put off my work, thinking that I’ll tackle it later that night, but when I get home, I am so exhausted that I barely move from the couch. How do you stay motivated?

This is a good question and may help a lot of people. People burn out easily today due to distractions and uncontrollable desires. We need to take the responsibility of our action and the job you have taken is your choice. Working for money or keeping the family together is not motivation enough to excel in the job; there is something called self-worth and it can be achieved only when you win your distractions and take yourself to the point of self-satisfaction. When you feel demotivated, shut down your desk top, take few deep breaths and listen to music of your choice; you will jump back to work as it relaxes your nerves. You can click on for further online counselling or read motivational articles. Big couches and electronics have taken away the productivity at work and home.