Racing from forty to sixty?

Life Begins at Forty

Forty to sixty for each woman is impactful. She needs to build her energy levels to help her lead a good life. At forty, you need to catch up with your talent, appreciation of life, focus on productive life style that will take you through to fifty.

This is the time women start menopausing, find it hard to cope with hormonal changes; if married the perspective of relationship changes from romance to responsibility, when children leave homes with fluttering wings, you are unable to match that energy.

Bodily changes need quick return to healthy eating, workouts to fit in to the clothes of the past sizes. Elderly parents give up on their health and feel nervous about their life support system. We live in guilt, exhaustion, changing priorities and managing a facade of being busy and living life in social media. How will you reach sixty and live life?

Allow the knowledge of life turn in to wisdom that will be your float to swim through this phase. Learning at every stage of life with care and humility will make you strong forever. Wasting time in living by other’s standards will destroy your peace. When you reach sixty, your youth bounces back so you reinvent yourself with all the accumulated talent and purposeful life you lead at forty. Share that joy with everyone and bring that smile on others faces. Give back to the world not through charity alone but setting an example of a life style.