Post COVID 19 Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

With the roll out of COVID 19 vaccines, the end of the pandemic appears to be in sight. That will mean a welcome return to the familiar patterns of life – office, school, socializing and the rest. The thought of leaving the lockdown behind is an appealing one, but there are, for a lot of people, problems in entering the “new normal.”

Anxiety and Stress

Familiarity breeds comfort and security; going to school or the office everyday may be somewhat boring, but it is not frightening. However, going back to that environment after a very long gap means lessening familiarity. You are not sure of what to expect in terms of the physical changes you will encounter, the work or study culture that will be required in a post-COVID 19 world and how the people you will interact with, including friends you have not met for a long time, would have changed.

Such feelings of anxiety and stress are normal, and knowing how to deal with them will take the pressure away and enable you to return to life outside the home confidently and comfortably.

Dealing with Anxiety

The internet is full of advice regarding relax and de-stress. While this is all very well-intentioned, such general advice will not be able to effectively deal with the individual causes of the stress. People are different and face different challenges. Unless they get the kind of help that is tailored to their needs, their effective return to the outside world could be a long, lonely, uncomfortable and often unending journey. If you are finding the return to the office, school or social activities uncomfortable and stressful, online counselling that focuses on relieving you of your specific anxiety and stress issues is an effective way to show your best self to the world around you.

Why Online Counselling?

There are many reasons why online counselling has become the preferred way for people to get the help they need to overcome anxiety.

  • Easy access to the counselor. With online counselling for anxiety, you can interact with the counselor from the comfort of your home wherein you remain in a comfortable and stress-free environment. This makes the sessions far more effective than if you were to go to the strange surroundings of the counselor’s office.
  • Given that you needn’t leave home, the counselling can be more consistent – you can schedule the sessions at a time when you will be at home and when you do not feel pressured.
  • Because of the convenience of the timings, the sessions can be as frequent as are required. This will allow for the maximum progress to be made in the shortest time.
  • You will not have to waste time traveling to the sessions which will leave you with more free time for relaxing and unwinding.
  • In many cases, because of the consistency and frequency of online counselling, people are able to really feel the progress they are making.
  • Because your interactions with the counselor are from home, you need not have any fears about your security or unwanted intrusions into your personal life.

The quality of the counselling you receive and the experience of the counselors are most important for the effectiveness of the sessions. For information on the best online counselling in Chennai, which can be availed of from anywhere, click here.