Teenagers and Relationships

Teenage relationships

As people age the one thing they remember and hold on to from their teenhood is the friendships they make and the memories they cherish. Although people are usually happy with the friends they make sometimes there can be ups and downs in the relationship. In friendships sometimes we do make mistakes of meeting the wrong ones, just to avoid loneliness. Am I making the wrong decisions? How must you find the right ones? There are many questions that arise in the minds of parents. The responsibility of every parent is to help the child develop friendship and living skills and the right values to be able to maintain the relationships. Teach them to face challenges and failures to make them strong. Explain to them what healthy friendship is and what fun feels like.

Teenagers tend to lose sight of healthy friendships and try to go into early commitments.

Teenagers don’t understand and cannot grasp that life changes all the time and more often, ‘so called’ love doesn’t last. Due to immaturity, they may be unable to control emotions that relate to the relationship. Those involved may be unable to grow as people because of their effort into the immature love. As they are young, they lose self esteem and important priorities like education. When there is a break up in relationship, people tend to isolate themselves from everyone to relive their hurt. In that process they fall into depression, they need to have a healthy connection with the family to support at such times. We as teenagers have to know how to balance our emotions in order to stay healthy and well. I as a teenager feel that the ancient wisdom reinvented for the modern times will help. Thank you lifenliving.org for creating that space for us.

Ruha Vaikunta

Article written by Ruha Vaikunta
10th Grader from Dubai