Uniqueness of Vedanta

“You have to perform your duties as action is superior to inaction. Even to sustain your body you need to act”

Duties mean NITHYA KARMA, obligatory actions of an individual at home, office and society related work. We falsely propagate that action leads to bondage; it is not true. Action is the discipline that maintains our wellness of body and mind.

Inactivity leads to destruction of the nation, society and home. For Example — we see so many mental wellness centres opening all over the world. It is the discipline of the mind and body which they curate for you. We are lost in today’s world. We are unable to explain to the generation the importance of keeping the body and mind in harmony with Nithyakarma.

Certain time to bathe, eat, meditate, indulge in arts, physical exercise, proper sleep are the obligatory activity to be done at a certain time. Rising Sun brings natural energy so waking up in the morning pumps good air in to the system. BrahmaMuhurtham at 4 30 am till 6 am is the best time to absorb divine energy, it helps us to use our creative energy.

The intellectual deterioration happens in a society when man becomes a victim of his own idle mind and that impairs body and behaviour. Lord Krishna takes it upon himself to go to the basics of human existence as Arjuna had lost the ability to think straight and he was in deep grief. Such is the karuna or compassion of our divine incarnations.

Our valuable SCRIPTURES believe in answering your questions as a seeker of truth rather than commanding your course of action. That is the uniqueness of Vedanta.

There comes a time in everyone s life when you need a helping hand to cross you over conflicts and confusion. The knowledge of life and wisdom of living has to be understood to live in this world. Vedanta the self knowledge, helps you develope an attitude to life that brings peace and harmony.

SHRAVANAM — Listening
MANANAM — Internalizing
NIDHYADASANAM — absorbing in to yourself.

This is an excercise that helps you to gain control of mind and body; unfolds the secrets of life and living.