Veil of Ignorance

One has to understand the body mind structure of human being before we know what is ignorance and where does it come from? Animals are pre programmed creatures; they have no free will as there is no ability for self analysis. They do not need entertainment, discoveries, greed or desire to own anything, they have a mind but no intellect.

What is the difference between mind and intellect? Mind is an absorbing machine, it downloads everything from the environment and people around; intellect is a special ability given to human race. We call it free will to discriminate what we have accumulated in the mind and go towards harmonious co existence. Does it ever happen?

We use our intellect only when we have selfish interest and instant gratification. For example we know how to invest and multiply our wealth in ways that we can manipulate and pull down our fellow beings. HOW MUCH DO WE THINK OF MULTIPLYING OUR POSITIVE ENERGY, THINKING AND ACTION? Vedanta is not for old age, it is a floppy we need to carry within our body system in order to live in this world.

We need hand holding in today s fast paced world that caught in the net of satellite world. The veil of ignorance is its place and Vedanta has a methodology of removing it. Enjoy the introduction.