January 21st to February 19th

People see one rainbow, Aquarians see many more, they have lived through it all. They are born dreamers; very often they lose sight of bigger issues and focus on complaining about small things that can be resolved. Freedom loving Uranians can be funny, original, and independent, but they can also be diplomatic, gentle and timid. They have to live in the crowd of friends. Whether he is mingling or singling his perception is far ahead of most people. They are always analyzing situations, friends and strangers. It can be disturbing if they ask straight questions with no tact. A peculiar sort of isolation hangs over the uranian; they are generally misunderstood by the people. They seldom go for confrontations, they put on the hat and walk away. They absent minded professors! Aquarian woman belongs to everyone and to no one. There is an elusive nature in their relationship with others. Aquarian girl lives in tomorrow.