March 23rd to April 22nd

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It represents birth. The ram is conscious only of himself. His needs come first. When the Aries person has an idea or something he wants to get it off his mind. Aries people are fearless, born leaders and are very intuitive about their work and career. They can overwhelm you with passionate ardor one minute, and be icy as a polar bear the next. Insult him or lose his interest, the warm impulsive mars nature will freeze instantly. They are a bundle of creative energy, keeping up with them is very tiring.

They mature very late in life as he feels very young at heart. He can be the soul of generosity, giving his time, money, sympathy and possessions to strangers. He can also be intolerant, thoughtless, selfish and demanding, when his desires are delayed or he is forced to be with negative people. No matter how many romantic mistakes he makes the ram is sure his soul mate is just round the next dream! He is also honest and idealistic, hence it is hard for him to fool anyone. The minute he loses authority at work, or at home, his refreshing optimism will turn in to moody discontent and complete interest.

The Aries boss will not be popular with lazy employees. He is not susceptible to flattery, but a cool compliment to him makes him cheerful. To be liked is his secret need!