May 23rd to June 19th

Man or woman, Gemini is impatient with conservative stick-in-the-muds, or with people who can’t make up their minds, Gemini knows where he stands at least for the moment. Gemini men and women cannot be pin down to one idea or place. It is a mistake to challenge them to a battle of wits, because they can talk themselves in and out of situations with great ease. Any kind of routine can make Geminian feel like a caged bird. The restless mercurial nature demands constant excitement and change or the spirit becomes dejected and morose.

There is a deep seated need in all june people to disguise their true motives. Gemini women can be unpredictably fickle. First she will be carried away by your smile, voice, and beauty, then she will reverse her ecstasy and criticize everything from your socks to your hair cut and does it with clever sarcasm. They are very charming and never have a dull moment with a Gemini.