April 21st to May 21st

The bull seldom rushes forward to stomp on your toes. He wants to be left alone. He is usually contented person but any pressure he gets obstinate. One can expect many may born people actually resemble a bull, the men that is, and the women in this sign will have an intangible, elusive bovine quality about them. She will move with grace but with a suggestion of hidden strength. They are homely and prefer familiar surroundings. Any change upsets them. Taurus men and women are as stubborn as a human can be, they stick to their opinions. This earth sign is full of contradictions in love. He buys expensive gifts for his girl, he will not forget the date he met you first time; but he is not a wild dreamer like the Aquarian male, will never sweep you off your feet like leo or promise you pink clouds like Aries.