Easy ways to eat and exercise

The ancient life style did not have the helpful gadgets in the kitchen. People never believed in house help as they took pleasure in maintaining their own homes.

Men consumed carbohydrate most of the time as they worked in the farm or had long distance to walk to reach their destination. The physical work was in balance with their intake of food. The sugar levels in the body were perfectly maintained and there was no physical or mental exhaustion.

Hard work put them to sleep at night.

The western society even today believe in self help but the change of eating pattern to save time like the processed burgers and hormone injected meat, soda, frozen food have made them weak and obese.

The modern life style encourages people to eat whatever they get when they are hungry. We pick up chips, snacks, soda, saturated fat snacks etc to satisfy the hunger pangs. People also drink too much tea and coffee to keep hunger away or smoke to kill the appetite. These are the key to bad health and a total abuse of the body.

How can we say we have no time to cook home food or clean up the house when modern living has all the necessary gadgets to support us?

Youngsters visit the gym, consume alcohol and eat out most of the time with no physical work. Some of them don’t eat at all and starve through the day.

Where do they get their mental stress from? People stress on looks, dress, being wanted, work pressure that is unreal as they are working for themselves not for any social cause.

Easy ways to good health

  • Wake up early to energize yourself with the silence around and do your breathing exercises. You will connect with earth.
  • Check your eating patterns instead of skipping a meal to load yourself with junk and processed food.
  • The hunger pangs cannot be stopped so decide early in the day as to what you are going to eat.
  • Have a big breakfast; each day should be different as it satisfies your cravings for variety. The digestive juices in the stomach are active between 8am to 10am.
  • Lunch time is truly challenging as most of us are working through the day. Sandwiches are not great everyday; have small portion of protein, salads, stir fry vegetables may be soup on occasions. (eat when you feel hungry)
  • Try to have a vegetable juice in the evening along with roasted nuts or biscuits, toast with cottage cheese.
  • Dinner time, when you go out to eat; try anything but stick to one category. Do not mix too many things in your plate. If at home include carbohydrate small portion with vegetables with gravy or pasta or noodles as you like. Dinner becomes an important meal as people wake up till late at night and you don’t want to go snacking!
  • Cook your food in coconut oil or sesame oil; don’t fall for this processed artificial cooking oil. Westerners can use olive oil which is good. Olive oil produces heat in the body which is good for cold climate. It is not favorable to use it in Asian climatic conditions.
  • Stay in solitude for few minutes every day to relive yourself from that day s stress. This will balance your digestive enzymes.
  • Take a walk in your back yard for 20 minutes and then you can be a couch potato watching television.
  • Sleep is the most important thing in your life. 8hours of sleep every night helps you to fight your busy schedule during the day.
  • Listen to soothing music of your choice, read holistic articles that will calm your mind to sleep at ease.
“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth