Middle age weight gain

Mature woman with headache

We find more of toxic obesity in middle age crowd particularly women in the present day life style. It is totally related to the food we consume; the saturated fat hidden in the outside food can get to the bones.

Mood swings, insomnia, night sweats and food cravings to memory glitches can make this whole process very difficult. It also involves spare flab around the waist. However there is diet, exercise and supplement strategies that can balance this testing period.

The most alarming factor is the extreme deprivation of food from the age of 30 to 40 can affect the bones during menopause; the crash diets and aiming at zero size is very dangerous and one can never lose any weight that way. It is a total life style and discipline that matters in keeping a balanced health.

Fluid retention Bloating can occur for a number of reasons; regular medication, painkillers, inflammatory conditions within digestive tracts, and poor diet. Each body reacts differently to different food. People generally think of their body weight rather than discriminating what food suits their body. Chemical reaction keep happening in the system so it is important to check the health part of your body.

Mood swings This aspect of menopause can be very annoying and at times cannot be controlled. The family suffers and there are tense moments in their life styles. Impatience, irritation and irresponsible behavior causes stress during this phase of life.

It is easy for doctors to supplement you with hormones but there are better solutions to this than medication. Learn to analyze your life patterns; do not fear the changes that occur in life as that is natural so accept and enjoy every moment and try to stay positive.

Engage yourself in any sport or art that you love most. People take out their built up anger on the children and that is very unfair; it is your inability to cope with your changing emotions.

Communication net work during menopause gets affected as one is very self- absorbed.

The body swings from hot flushes to freezing cold condition with night sweats at times. The intake of certain type of food during this period really helps. Non spicy, low protein, soothing carbohydrate in small portions helps one fight these symptoms.

Lack of motivation Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that stimulates motivation, self- drive, focus and concentration. Hormonal imbalance during this phase of life can result in less dopamine being produced.

Accept and embrace your life change and be with people who are positive. The contemporary society does not encourage family support system so the task to remain sane during this period is in your own hands. Cooking, swimming, painting, dancing, singing are all highly therapeutic and engage yourself in such activities.

Poor digestion due to careless eating and binging on fatty and sugary food to suppress stress creates more health problems.

Hair loss, brittle nails are all common features but they do get better as time elapses that is when one crosses this struggle and reaches a point of semi old age. Many women complain of lack of self esteem, desire for sex during and after menopause. This is another phase of your life, learn to cherish what you have achieved in your life for yourself and the family and try to go inward through yoga and meditation.

Weight gain

Fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels can cause the body to deposit fat at a higher rate during this period. Fat cells have the ability to produce estrogen so the body works hard to turn calories in to fat in a bid to increase levels. Do not get disheartened, there are ways to win over situations.

One has to watch the aging process dispassionately. Eat what you can digest, do not go by theories of food consultants; love your body to know what it needs. Reduce the consumption of food by half, eat everything and balance your work out time. House work kills the fat faster than working out in the gym.

Happiness, positivity, creativity helps in balancing the changes in life.

Never too late, start today!

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth