Physical and mental harmony

Physical creation of man is a piece of art. Every part and organ of the body needs to be preserved in a way that creates harmony between body and mind. The body has to be cleansed everyday to feel good and refreshed; so one can think of working with clarity. A good diet creates keeps the stomach region in harmonious condition. There is no common diet for people; each of them has different constitution balancing water, air and space. After all the body comes out of five element of nature and merges with the same component. There is no common size of clothes for people to wear as the weight of the body is proportionate to the intake need of the person and balance of his energy levels.

For example nutritionists say that unpolished high fiber grains are good. One cannot generalize it as it can create irritation in sensitive stomach; high fiber bread has the same issue. Ulcerous stomach need more lining there so they need to eat soothing, and cooling food that can heal ulcers. Fruits are good for health but not for everyone; it has certain natural acids that can cause irritation in the stomach.

People of today don’t have strenuous life style; they lead a very sedentary life in front of the television, working on laptops, eating out often with no system of regular healthy food.

They hit the gym and try to lose weight and keep in shape; different bodies respond differently to gym exercises. It depends on the muscle mass, type of food consumed and general health conditions they are born with. There is ideal weight that the gym instructors can prescribe, as their knowledge of the person s life style is very limited.

One has to learn to keep the body in a relaxed state and accept what your body tells you. When you need to eat or stop eating, rest, work, etc; don’t abide by the herd instinct, man has an intellect to analyze his requirement. There are several marketing giants to entice one in to the system but as a human being we need to know what we want and not be carried away by anyone.

Mental health

The environment around us is sharp with fast space of technology, the human element is missing and one thought of sailing through life easily as everything is done by computer and mobile phones. However the reality has come in front of us where we feel cut off from fellow humans. How important is it for us to stay connected? Are we truly together?

The machine is slowly turning our minds in to machines. We have all applications to connect with people out there but what we truly miss is the one to one touch and conversation. The typed chats cannot replace emotions. The mind of the youth is constantly racing to find out who is on the chat and the face book that cares about him. He feels insecure if his phone does not ring, or the chat tone does not beep; it causes stress and pressure on the mind. His healthy diet goes for a toss, he is in no mood to work or indulge in sports. He keeps staring at the phone wondering when will it ring.

Mind is directly connected with body. Body takes directions from the mind; so the mental condition of a human being has to be positive, confident and brave. Every molecule of the body is related to the mind. It is best to filter out negative thoughts on a daily basis. What is worrying your mind? It is usually dependency and expectation from fellow beings. It is necessary to be in solitude for a period of time and try to bring harmony in to your life by analyzing your thoughts. The body health will take a positive shape.

One can reduce acidity, nervous tension, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, muscular pains and aches that people suffer from everyday by practicing silence, yoga and self introspection. What a beautiful body and mind you can own!.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth