Nutrition in modern world

The fat consumption in the modern society has increased from 6% to 9% according to the report from the University of Washington nutrition research. The western world has realized that the processed food that they introduced to the world has no nutritive value, hence they have turned around to light protein, organic greens and some carbohydrate to balance their diet. Their outdoor activities and self help at home keeps them strong and they are able to digest excessive animal protein.

They do have obesity issues but they have considerably reduced. The eastern world has developed a taste for pure fat and no exercise other than their gym activities. There is a desire to ape the west but one must understand the climatic and genetic situations. The oriental people however don’t indulge in the food that is not meant for them. The international study on health awareness shows that an average Indian is obese from the age group of 35 to 45 years of age. The eating habits are a bit alarming.

Some of them diet all their lives and they find themselves becoming weak as the eastern gene is different and they need supplements. Few of them indulge in fat intake with no activities because of the house helps they get to do their routine chorus.

It is a myth to think that going to gym keeps you trim; the house hold activities are far superior as all parts of the body gets trained. Gym is better than doing nothing however it is mechanical and no variety of activity to challenge your body. There is a study in the world of bone density in the western world that indicates that our ancestors did not suffer from bone density issue because of living in the natural environment and physical hard work.

It is paradoxical that the modern society suffers from hormonal imbalances, general weakness and obesity although there is so much awareness created by the social media on nutrition.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth