Generation at cross road

The modern human race that is passing through the earth has high expectation out of life and are proud owners of material comforts. The purpose of education today is earning money and spreading their success stories. What happens to people when everything crashes? History has proved to us that materialistic drive has always been unstable. It is heartening to see educated parents bring up children but there is a kind brashness when it comes to dealing with relationships be it school, marriage, children or friends. Parents show anxiety while bringing up kids but that is a selfish attitude; it does not help the children.

Education demands discipline, dedication and devotion to our pursuits; it is not a mere passport to making money and building luxury. “Learning” is the magic word that takes the accumulated information to the level of knowledge and experience. The application of knowledge learnt is important to face the challenges with confidence, adjusting to the misfortune, wars, poverty and calamities. There is an urgent need for the children, parents and teachers to have a common forum to find a solution for the imbalanced life they lead.

We have created a society of short cuts to success, so the new generation demands everything with less work and fast results. Marriage as an institution has become a place of stress, ego and greed. It is almost like corporate where there is no place for emotion, during the launch of the company everyone takes an oath to work for the company but things fall apart in the process due to ego clashes and meanness.

Marriage seems a happy place to be in but it demands trust, confidence, communication, stability and above all self discipline. The new generation lives on expectation without sacrifices; unfortunately relationship means sacrifices. It is the universal system that has laid the rules for survival and we cannot have manmade contract marriages. Education has made women stronger and confident but they struggle to balance home and work even today; their natural instinct to nurture and enjoy home gets stifled by the society. There is confusion in every sphere of life and man stands at cross roads all the time; he is unable to take the right path. People are unable to enjoy the moment and live in fear and conflict; this is indeed a dangerous seed to sow for the future progress. Everyone lives in fear of losing when they don’t even have the things that they fear of losing! Young parents try to compensate their children with expensive gifts and holidays but out of 100 children of various age groups I spoke to 80 of them disapproved of being left alone and the young ones of 10 to 12 years olds said they are never sure of the mother s moods and that they seem confused and angry.

Children start spending their time with the machines as that is their comfort zone. It is our duty to give a happy home for the new generation. Millions of dollars are wasted on marriage contracts, it is an abuse of the institution. Where has this confusion come from? We can only build a society, community or family on love and compassion, there is no other way. Children are not in the best of hands as the school and home have impulsive, moody adults who try to deal with their personal problems. The world is getting consumed by material greed and man carries the burden of fear, anxiety, and low self esteem. The value of life itself should find a niche in our minds to enjoy what is given to us in this life and try to be role models for the future generation.

Take the era forward with poise and dignity. Let history find a peaceful space to write man s story in the future.