Mantra for high energy

The youngsters are full of energy; but they get fatigued very soon when they have to handle stress or extra work. Are they not motivated enough? Why do they have memory loss at such a young age when they have all the techno aid to assist them? Do they lack goal in life? The senior citizens complained of all these issues but we find youth lacking energy to face the challenges of life. Changing life style and imaginary work pressure create sleep deprivation and according to the psychologists youngsters indulge in high intake of alcohol, drug abuse, painkillers and nutritional deficiency. Youth should wake up and the parents have to play an important role in their lives exposing them to challenges rather than protecting them from situations.

Suffering and swimming across obstacles teaches biggest lesson in life. Breathing exercise and a holistic approach to life are necessary practices in the modern life style.

Brain stimulators

Play a game of chess, one can learn new things all their lives- get in to the habit of learning new things like recopies, driving routes, musical instruments or foreign languages.

Read magazines, newspaper, books, novels that challenge you.

Take a course in an unfamiliar subject that will keep you interested and engage your brain in a learning cycle.

Nothing in this world can help you tide unhappiness except yourself. Make up your mind and be watchful of your life style.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth