How smart is the smart phone?

Is it taking control over you?

What is going on with it for teenagers and youngsters?

Are they ready to explore and face adventures without guidance?

Making and connecting with friends only on the screen with strange people is dangerous. Cyber-crimes, threats, and bullying are rampant in every society and the relationship is based on outside real existence. We are comfortable chatting on smart phones than with real people in front of us. It is a techno malaise taking over plague and cholera. Visual chats, various mindless groups create impaired brains and selfish motives.

Are the techno children aware of the pain and confusion that surrounds them?

Smart phones are not for youngsters, the world is realising now. They need help in developing their personalities; connecting with real people, society and community. Parents are also on multiple chats and groups it is an easy way to let kids have one. Structured social work is mechanical for youngsters, it does not build compassion. Imagine this world with only self-love, indifference, with cold smart phones hanging around their necks with people they do not know!

Vasantha Vaikunth