Why do the youngsters feel demotivated?

Young people today need emotional support, guidance and a sense of life perception. Parents, post period of 60s grew up with exposure to education and affluence. They set out to create an identity for themselves and wanted to break away from the earlier generation. Education and exposure to the global psyche is a welcome change; however there was another generation brewing within them who did not understand the mental design of their parents.

Educated parenting is healthy and logical but it lacks a sense of unconditional commitment. There is a need to balance their dream and desire along with nurturing one whole new generation.

  • Young minds are unable to be creative or imaginative as the social media has taken over their lives and their minds are guided by it.
  • There is no self entertainment other than running to different classes signed up by the parents. As they grow older, they drop out of all hobbies and indulge in lazy entertainment like pubs and restaurants and posting in social media which is the easiest thing to do.
  • Parents take them on expensive holidays, send them to elite camps for social acceptance and they do not realize that the minds that are used to being monitored mechanically are left in a vacuum.
    • Each child is different and they grow up at different times. Boys are less motivated and lazy in today s set up; they need serious physical activities and metal challenges to grow up. They stay de motivated most of the time.
    • Parents organize children s lives, as they cannot let go of them so easily; the children get in to a lethargic mode as they do not have to think for themselves.
    • Girl child has her own gender differences to fight and stay anxious most of the time on relationship issues with their cell phone on hand. There is no conversation with the family other than their needs, hence parents keep creating needs for them just to stay connected.
    • Long before shopping malls, computer games, young people were made to work with adults and take up community work and strive to prove themselves to the society to stay feel motivated.
    • Discuss the house hold chores and hear them out. Set deadlines but give them the freedom to choose how a task is completed.
    • Parents constantly step in to rescue their children from falling that undermines their ability to grow up. Failure alone brings success in life.
    • Let the youngsters discover life within their disciplined limits, so there will be wonderment to stay motivated.

There has to be participation and communication in the house hold issues for both boys and girls. They need to know the procedures of running a home and how they are being supported by the adults. Technology may have conquered the world but human mind still needs the same ingredients for maturity, motivation and responsibility.

Vasantha vaikunth