Handling Teen Depression

Adolescent depression is increasing at an alarming rate and it is difficult to diagnose as the adults expect the teens to act moody and tend to ignore their behavior. Teens do not know the real symptoms and cannot analyze and they do not express their feelings very well so they do not seek help. They go through physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that need grooming without feeling anxious by the adults.

Unrealistic academic, social or family expectations can create a strong sense of rejection and can lead to disappointment. They overreact to incidents that happen in school and at home. Many young people feel life is not fair to them and get stressed at the smallest issue in life. They start forming desires and wants just like adults but they have to depend on their parents to fulfill them and that creates frustration and anxiety. If the parents are compassionate, they may take the effort to let go of the teen anger and reason out with them to make them feel good.

Today’s teens see more of what life has to offer –both good and bad on television, at school, internet and many other social media. The unfortunate scene in the world; the society has turned so materialistic and greedy; adults have to keep up with expensive schools, holidays, camps and many other glittery expenditures. Both parents have to work to make these things available to the children; teens need adult guidance more than ever to understand all the emotional and physical changes they experience. Do they need money to grow up or emotional support?

‘Teen mood’ disrupt their ability to function on a day to day basis that includes serious health and mental disorders. Parents expect every child to go through the same pattern of moods, it does not work that way, your child comes with your genes and it is important to make the youngsters feel responsible and accountable for their actions. In the poor society, the children and parents have no time to brood over small things; they have to work to make a living. Affluence, peer pressure, lazy life style, lack of motivation and above all spoiling them with material things drives them more towards high expectation from life and that makes them feel empty from within. There is no wonder anymore in their lives; everything comes very easy from the parents. Teens need a sense of acceptance and belonging and it is not easy for every young adult.

How to deal with adolescent pressures

  • Try to make new friends. Healthy relationships with peers are important for teens for self esteem and social outlet.
  • Participate in Sports, take a part time job or a hobby or join school activities. Staying busy helps to tide over this emotional change.
  • Social cause and awareness program: Engage in helping people who are materially deprived and make them aware of the less privileged children around. This will help change one’s attitude to life.
  • Rising divorce rates, anger in a relationship, self absorbed attitude of the parents cause trauma in a teen. Teenagers have certain expectations from the parents and a behavioral pattern just as the adults have from them. One has to keep a watch on the teens while they cross over the phase to seek help if necessary from an experienced person, doctor or a clinical psychologist.