On Looking Beautiful

The concept of being beautiful has been the focal point from the dawn of human civilization. Everyone wants to look and feel good. However the aesthetic instinct is very unique and to adorn one self is a special art. Whatever is pleasing to the eye is beautiful along with the heart that is pleasing and pious.

What truly draws people towards you is your good heart not mere external beauty. It is an undisputed fact that we all look different from each other and we need a specific kind of beautification. Unfortunately the concept of beauty has also gone global and hit the commercial market, so few people who can convincingly lay the rules of beauty are in the business of making money.

The global concept of beauty is standardized, has no individual character – example- if the fashion models are made to have straight hair, colored, hipster pants, short tops, skinny figures, the whole world is keen to follow the trend, which is fine, but the monotony hurts the eye. Where is the aesthetic beauty? It is almost like uniform. It is amazing to see how social media plays a vital role in our lives. Everyone looks the same particularly the teenage lots.

The importance given to the standardized look on face book is a bit boring; there is no individuality. Social media plays to satisfy impulsive gratification; when you open the face book where half the world are connected, the maximum ‘likes’ are for external pretentions. This platform can be used in a very productive fun way by sharing positive thinking and emotions.

The media has taken charge of our lives. I am happy that the awareness of skincare, cosmetics and keeping one self healthy, is hitting our life styles but it is equally important to create your identity in beautifying yourself. We follow the designers and avoid our unique idea of beautification.

There is something called aesthetic charity that says, one has to be presentable if not for yourself at least for others as their eyes get deprived of looking at beautiful things. Each of us should spend time and think what suits us best and I am sure you will look great and happy from within, as it is your choice.

The most important feature of being beautiful is in the mind. The happiness from within makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Beauty contests are a good avenue for designers, cosmetic traders, dieticians, cosmetic surgeons and beauty trainers. It makes you feel on top of the world to be selected as miss world, universe or whatever.

Most of the beauty queens talk about serving humanity and land up in Bollywood or Hollywood, which is fine as it does not hurt anyone, but that is not the test of brains.

Someone lays the rules for taking part in the contest and the agents who groom these beauties get loaded. It is a cycle, as the person who made the outfits will get busier, the dietician who groom these girls make more money as all of us desire to look like the beauty queens! Again the trend of look alike, so where is the beauty?

Is it sufficient to judge a person by his body that gets trained and slammed with strict diets? I do watch these beauty pageants as they are part of our entertainment world; however it is a pity that we subject ourselves to this dumb exercise and waste our precious years of life.

Judgments about beauty and ugliness are notoriously culture bound. Yet there can be some universal general principles at work in our brain that affect our aesthetic judgment.

People are obsessed by there weight problems as they compare themselves mentally with these fashion models but many people think that Marilyn Monroe would be less beautiful if she were as skinny as the models now. The concept of beauty keeps changing but wanting to be beautiful is an ever green desire.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth