Smart tips for single parents of teenagers

Single Parenting comes with its own set of challenges, moreover to deal with teenagers as a single parent needs altogether a different skill.

During teenage a child goes through a “Physical & Physiological” changes, that is changes in body and mind respectively.

Here are the few tips to deal with as a ‘Single Parent’:

  • Respect your status: Single parent status is a high status because it is not easy to play a role of father and mother at the same time. Never ever feel low about it. You aren’t a loner, rather take the challenges all in your stride. Always be proud of yourself and so shall be your kids.
  • Create a new bonding: Nurture a new bond and strength with your children and family. Make them a happy and giggling child. Make new friends for yourself and connect to them. Happy you will make happy teenagers. Increase the closeness with your family.
  • Have faith and Instill courage: Your journey may seem difficult, however have faith. You aren’t alone. Seek help from family and friends when needed. Being a single parent is a courageous status, instill the same courage in your child. Provide them with assurance of success.
  • Understand your kid’s needs: Being a teenager, your children go through puberty, make them understand about this stage. Talk to them, provide them with physiological and emotional.
  • Be available to them: You may be highly focused in your career to provide best of things to your kids, however, be available to them when they need your presence. It is your presence that matters the most during adolescence. They will never forget your presence in their lives even when they grow up as adults.
  • Talking about sex isn’t a taboo: Since your child will go through a lot of changes in body and mind, it is time for you to talk and educate them about sex. It isn’t a taboo, do not shy away in educating them in a right manner. If you find it difficult to talk on this subject, take them to a counsellor.
  • Give them a space: Being available doesn’t mean you intrude in their privacy. Teenagers do need their own space and privacy. Give them enough space at the same time be watchful of their activities, friends circle, online presence etc., without giving them a hint that you are keeping a tab on them.
  • Play a friend: When a child grows into a teenager, he needs a friend in a parent. Play the role of a friend to understand their needs. They don’t need your piece of mind always.
  • Make a set of rules: You need not be authoritative, but you shouldn’t let everything go loose. Make set of rules for your teens to follow religiously. For an instance: Tell them to be back home at a certain mutually decided time, no use of smart phones during certain time etc.
  • Involve in Decision Making: Whenever you take a decision for the welfare of the family, make them a part of it. Seek their opinion too.