Dreams and reality

What is self realization that all spiritualists keep talking about? It is an equalization of weights on the balance from within and the outside world. It negates the inequality in us.

The desires within us make different demands and the world provides the objects of desire; there is always an imbalance between demand and supply. The demands are always more than what one life span can get us.

What do we do with the velocity of the created energy? It originates in the mind and the solution is also there in the knowledge you gain from different sources in the life period that is given to you. One has to keep shuffling the weights from the inbuilt balance machine we have within us. Create an evenness of mind while receiving the objects and emotions of the world.

World is a dream

The world that you experience in your wakeful state is nothing but another dream and the projected world is man s figment of imagination. The structure of the world never changes it is the same soil, breeze, fire, water and the sky. We give a personality and a character to the world through our imagination and behavior. We cannot segregate time from the world, it goes in to eternity and the comprehension of time and space is beyond human intellect.

The dream world also stretches, the dreamer s intellect cannot perceive the origin of the world, nor can it fathom the limit of his dreams. However the dreamer wakes up, the whole problem in the dream world gets cut off. Man can put all his hidden fears, questions and confusion to rest when he truly wakes up from the long dream of life.

There are enough situations in man s life to steer him from the illusions of the mind. People s behavioral patterns puzzle him, his unsteady emotions baffle him, but he cannot detach himself from the illusion. He finds the trap too strong!

Our wakeful world is a more consolidated dream and how can we look for permanent situations and solutions. In the wakeful world, time, space, and causation are more defined and precise, whereas in the dreaming world, time is inaccurate.

These two worlds are different only in the degree of accuracy, they are not different in kind. There are only waking, dreaming and sleeping states and they have no permanency. The world is a sort of hypnotic phenomenon. The self hypnosis makes you see the world as real but just think- how can the real world be seen as changing and fleeting? It also disappears in your deep sleep.

When the self realization dawns, the world slips away, it cannot stand the test of reality. Where are the sorrow, pain, fear, stress and anxiety? In the waking state you make your own history and claim an ownership but everything melts away in death.

The point is not to stop living but to live a happy life with what you have got and keep your desire, demand and supply under your control. For example—the rope on the floor can be mistaken for a snake and experience fear; you go near the object you realize that the rope and the snake co existed together in your mind and the knowledge of the two objects relieved you of the confusion.

Deep anxiety or the fear of the future springs as dreams, fear of exams, missing train, missing the children and the list is endless. Mind has to be put on pause to clear the illusions. There is always a barrier to reach the truth and that is why man is designed to struggle and find the reality of the world!

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth