Expectation is a fatal illness

The whole human race wants to be loved, understood, and accepted. There is a process to reach the goal of being loved which is the true nature of man. The purpose of human life is to clear the credit and debit of his old balance sheet he gets when he is born.

Man has learnt the art of expectation, impulsive happiness and gratification. It is a faster way to achieve fulfillment of his ego; however the expectations of man does not give him results the way he wants. He broods, sulks and develops negative attitude to life.

Man expects from his parents when he is a child, longs to be popular at school and college so he goes to any extent to fight peer pressure, expects everyone to understand him. His expectation from the society, family and friends make him a selfish person who cannot give himself to anyone in the world. He becomes an emotional wreck each day until he finds himself helpless.

People form desires and long for it but the frame of the universal plan may not accommodate your fulfillment of your desire. What are you going to do? When they get married the expectations are endless; the desire to be loved and get an assurance of love everyday are all impossible tasks. The yearning still remains and the unreasonable expectation brings him down to his knees and he loses his self esteem and confidence.

When they grow up and have to deal with their own children, they expect their kids to love them, be good to them. The whole cycle of expectation seems false and impractical. For example- the parents soft handle their children, ignore their misbehavior, and pamper them with material gifts so their expectation will not be shattered. The irony of the situation for man is his expectations are seldom fulfilled, so only his disease remains that generates anxiety, fear and stress.

Should I expect at all from anyone?

Common man in today s world thrives on his longings and desires so we cannot deny that to him but a wise man will realize that he gets what he deserves and not what he desires. There is an universal plan where human beings are inter connected and we have a right and freedom to expect from each other but the result of such expectations are surely not under our control. There is no external cure for this stress and fear; acceptance of life, its turns and twists are the only answer.

How should I accept and live my life?

Look at the positive side of life that you are in and make the best use of it through your creative mind. Man has shown extraordinary ability in discovering technology to make his life comfortable, easy and convenient; it is surprising that he has not found his way out of his cluttered and confused mind.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth