Management of the floppy man carries

Man needs to feel the divine energy which is the software of his existence. The floppy he carries (storage of memories and actions of the past) makes him act unknowingly to situations as he is a helpless victim of his own past actions and thoughts. The floppy carries your memories of the past; the connection between you, god and the world is the true definition and the floppy gets filled up with your thoughts and actions and the burden of the floppy travels with you forever.

Awareness of this truth holds the inner confidence to live a harmonious life. How does one know this truth? Our experience in life should unfold the real facts of living; we need to break the walls in the mind to receive the truth. Hurt is related to the past, as the mind is conditioned to store negative memories. Mental energy gets drained with no solution as the floppy directs every action. Where is the free will of man?

The knowledge of the world gives us the sense of direction and guides us towards the right path. It is a human pattern that is selfish and greedy. For example-how important is it to have product knowledge before we use it? Knowledge of living has to be known and stored in the mind to pursue life.

Every emotion springs from the extreme attachment to our desires as we wish to have control over our situations and people. When we fail in our desired result; the hurt brings pain and unhappiness and fear of losing our possessions puts us on the stress gear. Where is the human control?

There is a classroom within every man and the rehab course is taught; man has to attend the class regularly to find happiness in the contradictory world! Psychologists investigate the mind that is never stable and it cannot absorb the truth of life unless it is liberated from conflicts and confusion. Mental science has no solution as no one can pin down the mind.

We have to practice an exercise which can purify the thoughts and make it positive. The willingness to purify the mind has to arise from within to know your ‘self’. The true self (soul) does not need to analyze, mind needs analysis and logic.People run to different holistic groups to find immediate solution hence the addiction to cults. They divide the society and create dependency. One can derive knowledge of the world and above from the orators and the learned but cannot feel confident. Who can save you except yourself? Politicians, religious heads, and other commercial houses need the power to run their lives; common man has to rise above himself and see the world around to learn and experience.

We will learn to conclude that one life is not enough to fulfill all our desires! If we feel there is only one life then what is the use of desiring? Most of our desires will go unfulfilled. It does not make sense. Our desires have to find an outlet in the spectrum of universe as it turns in to energy.

Our destiny makes us work, and slog, if the floppy carries the luck we will find our results. Ultimate definition of truth is needed to accept the realities of life. Imaginary superiority, negative thoughts about others take us to the ego filled world.

What is the difference between confidence and ego? Confidence means you are the center of the universe; you have nothing to lose as you don’t feel you own anything. You create an energy within you that is positive, wise and helpful to the world. Ego is when you try to demonstrate your confidence to others. It is a destructive energy.

It creates an expectation of acceptance of others who are of no value to your progress. We need to sweeten the thoughts, not empty the thoughts from the mind. For example-when you add sugar in the water and mix it, sugar dissolves and loses its identity. Sugar has made the water sweet but we still call it sweet water. Thoughts have to be sweetened by your devotion, realization and awareness.

Look at the positive side of life that you are in and make the best use of it through your creative mind. Man has shown extraordinary ability in discovering technology to make his life comfortable, easy and convenient; it is surprising that he has not found his way out of his cluttered and confused mind.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth