Empty nest syndrome (loneliness)

Never before have so many people in the world (intelligent, educated and poor) been helpless and drowning in the storms of conflicting ideas. There is a society that is lonely, living in pretences and trying to fill the vacuum in the heart with hardware and software.

Machines cannot replace the demands of emotions but man has surrendered to his own creation. I remember my grandmother saying ‘don’t get so attached and dependent on your own creation as it can consume you one day’. What she meant was the desires we form in our minds. Every year the satellite freaks keep thrusting new technology in to the minds of the people.

For argument one can point a finger at the changing world but the emotional needs are the same. Who is changing the world? Man creates his own fancy and gives a defensive support to his fallacies.

When the Asian parents send their children out of their country for better future, there is emptiness in the nest they create for love and sharing. The aging parents do not want to mess up the future or peace that they thought were giving to their children; hence they search for another nest like senior homes where they can share their mistaken ideologies!

The new emerging era (collective mind) is complicated hence there is a cultural war. There is no conviction of thought hence we wish to brain wash people in to your thinking. We wish to replace human compassion with satellite inventions and that is the human tragedy; there is connection but there is stress and anxiety in relationships.

The giant machine that controls global network is going to consume humanity. I do not want to sound negative but are the humans ready to balance the usage of machines? There is going to be mental stagnation. For example-when I see ‘it is safe to turn off the computer’ on the screen there is no stress on the machine but my desire will not allow me to write on my head screen-‘it is okay to switch off your mind”.

Raging mind has many revenges to take, hurts to nurse and axe to grind. Our minds have become addicted to stress, desire and high expectation from life such minds can only feel lonely at all times. People need something to fill their minds to keep away from empty nest syndrome. Under such pressures we talk about management policies and corporate ethics!

In human resources one has to take a note of the changing psyche of the employees, the system of loyalty, commitment and integrity has become ancient. Broken home history, low self esteem, machine dependant mind, loneliness have become a challenge to the HR departments.

Material bribes make them greedy and less committed; the pattern of thinking has to change, knowing the value of their own lives. Conscious mind is the computer, memories and experiences of the past lives are stored in the cloud (memory stick) that is close to the consciousness. One can read the memory stick only when the computer is beyond virus and not overloaded.

The infected computer is un readable, the confused mind cannot have clarity. There is a need for a community, structure and a meaningful survival. Never let go of the opportunity to spend time with children as they need more support now than ever before. Try keeping away from phones and computers for a day to learn about your mental state.

Schools can grade the kids on the performance of the class as a whole or some team within it. Teachers instead of encouraging private tuitions should perform in the class room to increase self respect, corporate offices can look at their retirement practices. They can assign retired people to work for understaffed community as a volunteer or on part time basis. Older people can be appointed as teachers, mentors and they can impart their valuable skills to the community. There is no loneliness, it is a myth; everyone can get together (all age groups) to make a good, healthy society. The emptiness one feels at home can be filled with community living by sharing the responsibility.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth