Who designs your destiny?

Man has to accept his life that is given to him as he has designed and structured it on his own through the actions of the past. The scientific truth is every action has a reaction; hence man s thoughts that get framed in to action cannot be an exception to the rules of the nature. We experience life everyday where we know the situations cannot change, we have to find the moments of happiness and contentment from what is available to us. If we sow the seed of sunflower, we cannot expect rose flower to grow in the soil. Man brings his balance sheet of karmas (action and desire) from the past and he has to accommodate himself in to the floppy that he carries with him. What is wrong with my action? Well action originates from desire, but every desire does not give us happiness. What makes the whole process uncomfortable and sad?

Dependency on the desire is the problem. Possessiveness and an extremely opinionated mind can take your mind towards sorrow. How can we possess something that does not belong to us? Each of us are paying our debts back to the society and collecting our dues from others; people walk in and out of the party of life with no permanent attachment. The arrangement of togetherness lasts only till the balance sheet exhausts itself of its prints. Life is on similar grounds. The day we pay back our debts, we are ready to depart from this earth. This is the truth of life.

The emotional hassles like fear, jealousy, anger, hatred, manipulation, conditions to live life, loneliness are imaginary swords that tear the mind apart when human beings should be living in happiness and bliss. Human beings have to coexist on this planet; trying to change people is futile and manipulation will lead you self destruction. No one can fulfill our expectations to stay happy as everyone has their own balance sheet!

Time and destiny go hand in hand, time never waits for man, and destiny never changes for man. This is the truth of nature. People born at the same time and place bring different destiny; we have witnessed it, even twin siblings come with totally varied life-how can we explain this pattern? It is ideal to accept, respect and accommodate people who cross our path and contribute something to the benefit of mankind.

Time changes the priorities in life, be ready to accept it. When the churning happens in the mind, the soul evolves; the poisonous mind still has strong ignorance that can be set right through knowledge. Man drowns in the ocean of attachments, binding desires and makes himself weak. When the mind goes out of control, one starts to sink in the ocean. Such life becomes an addiction and we crave for more untruth and falsehood to fill our lives so we can manage the addiction. Purity of heart and mind can safely take us to the shores of dignified life.

Positive thinking is the rowing stick to cross the ocean of life. Just like we desalinate salty water for consumption, the mind has to filter out negative thoughts to view the world as one unit. We need to explore the divine strength that is hidden in every one of us that can liberate us from the external chaos. Perception, projection, purity, piousness and perfection are important to reach the goal of happiness. Perceive the goal, project right values, internalize it with positive thinking; perfection is at your door step.

There is norm and discipline in every act of this universe; man cannot go against the laws of nature. The natural calamities are a reaction to the negative human actions. The material wealth that one would leave for the posterity is insignificant compared to the good value system and good karmas that you leave behind for the generation to follow. You become the architect of your own destiny; hence you have no one to blame. Man is accountable for what the world is today!

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth