Is marriage a business contract

There is a corporate ruthlessness and emotional need that is tormenting women of the modern society. Somehow the new wave has put women on the social map that did not exist in the ancient times. The empowerment has brought justice to her existence, made her feel competent, on board with men at work and home but there is an edge when it comes to marriage.

The whole concept of marriage has still not changed except for the luxury destination weddings and the whole drama of making vows in front of the priest. Women have a major role to play in keeping the relationship in place and the family together with children.

Men cannot relate to this bonding as their minds are filled with career, ambition or waywardness. Woman is the energy, vital force that gives life and deserves honor and I stand by that today even more than before. When the purists talked about natural subjugation and maternal instinct; there was a huge uproar amongst the feminists that lead to social revolution in the world.

Women felt the need to rise from suppression and wanted an assertive position in the social setting. They felt the need to educate the girl children and trained them to lead independent lives almost imposing their dreams on to the child. Everything seemed perfect with equality of sexes and women put on a pedestal for her achievements, men preferred to marry career girls for intellectual compatibility.

No one knew marriage is not about chatting over a cup of tea in the office, it is a man-woman relationship under the same roof where compassion, trust, self sacrifice, unconditional love for the betterment of the family are involved.

The women of today are confused in marriages as they are not practical. Home becomes a priority for every woman as she is the one who bears the child for 10 months; she lives through the dream of holding him in her arms and is protective.

Woman of today is torn between her career and home as she has not gone through the suppression of the older generation of woman. She only has heard that taking care of home alone is not an enterprising thing to do. What do they do after they finish medical or engineering colleges? Society still demands a label of marriage on her. Schools demand parental attention on the children, the world has changed and there are cunning people out there for them to leave their girl children to fend for themselves.

The unknown stress and lack of time management skills breaks the family and end up in divorces. The distinct nature of women makes her different and emotional than men. They become more upset and sentimental than a man that makes her vulnerable and anxious.

They need support but men of today feel that women are their equals and they ignore the emotional needs of a woman. It is a strange situation (you cannot have the cake and eat it). People have to be aware of the changing times.

We are abusing the institution of marriage, it is not a business contract; it is not about education, career, extended families. It is about two human beings who are ready to share their life with love and trust. The goal is to preserve and give a home to your child who will be the future citizen of the world.

Man needs a stamp of his manliness from a woman that makes him confident and productive to the society. They have to bring out the best in each other instead of competing.

Stressing the equality of men and women was the need then; now times have changed the needs are harmony, patience and nature of forgiveness if one has to save this institution. Time alone can answer the necessity of this feeble institution.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth