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If you ever find yourself on cross roads, open your smart phone and interact with us; you will find an answer. Our time-tested scriptures hold the gear to our changing speed in life.

Changing life, revolution on relationships, sexuality and corporate functioning have baffled the world. This website is trying to help and answer all day today questions from marriage, parenting, youth mantra, midlife crisis, retirement phobia, education and employment, success, and loneliness in the world of social media and many more.

Kalaimamani Vasantha Vaikunth is the brain behind this futuristic website.

Thoughts To Live By

Every HUMAN ACTION produces energy that is formless. It travels to the mind which is a mere collection of thought energy. We form that accumulated energy as the NETWORK for our living. When the demands, expectations, greed and ego takes over, we are exceeding the limits of our network strength. The power that is over used ELECTROCUTES the mental energy.

We have created TOXIC GENERATION that has no fulfillment and no wonderment, and detached from nature. Time has no mercy, it keeps moving; we have to get in to the Grove of peace through realisation.

~ Vasantha Vaikunth

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  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ocd
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Addiction
  • Others


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