Corporate Secrets

There are assumptions and concepts on being professional in every executive s mind before he takes on his career. How do we define professionalism? It refers to a code of conduct, ethics and refinement in dealing with relationships and a certain merit to be acknowledged on the performance of the employee.

There has to be a comfort level in the work place so the people around can work better without fear of getting fired unexpectedly. The success of the company is the primary goal hence professional people work towards reaching the target without any ego clashes.

The human resources department takes care of the interest of the work force so they can re enforce the level of confidence in the employees.

How professional are we today in the corporate setting? Experts say that an average employee does not understand the balancing act that is required while chatting with the HR manager. Act of survival and being political does not fit into the category of professionalism.

The modern education does not have ‘tact’ as part of the curriculum; hence the life and living skill is an important part of human progress in the work place. The management schools help in communication; builds confidence in creative energy, and few tips on everyday chorus.

Management in reality is emotional visualization without preconceived concept and assumptions. One has to deal with the situation in connection with the environment; human resources itself depends on the requirement of the people who work around you. No text books can teach you to handle human resources.

  • Training program that is HR supported needs attention. It has to relate to the present change of time. Unfortunately the corporate business has become money making machine but they don’t realize that the machines also need to be revamped.
  • Self praise in front of the HR reflects poorly on you as a manager but every professional is out there selling themselves.
  • Complaining about the boss is so in fashion; that is one way of making yourself superior. It is nicer to introspect and be practical in your approach to life at work.
  • The company today is not worried about your rapport with your ex boss or how smart you were in dealing with the realtor. People at work start judging you as a person. Do not give any unwanted information to your employer.
  • Do not over promise in your interview and under deliver when you work.
  • HR department has to be proactive in dealing with employees problems and should be brave enough to take feed backs from the workers.

The employer today has to be very tactful in dealing with his employees. He needs to watch out for people who are subservient as they are the dangerous ones, they are not interested in your company; they care for their own jobs.

An insecure employer who has limited education would feel empowered in front of his executives exposing his years of experience and his position in the corporate world ; the not so professional employee will surely exploit the situation. The secret of success for the employer and the employee is to know themselves; who they are and what is the purpose of their work before they form a relationship.

One cannot work only through emails and text messages; human touch and relation building is important to take the business forward. People compromise and adjust to suit their situations in life; they do hold grudges in mind as forgiving and forgetting are not their virtues. The mysterious break ups of partners and employees, employers are unexplainable; awareness beyond greed and meanness is an important secret to cherish in the coporate.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth