The Stress of Returning to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways we did not think possible. The lockdown is now being eased and people are hoping to return to the lives they had a few months ago. No one knows what the future holds, but it is clear that the “new normal” will differ from the way we lived in the past. Adapting to the new lifestyle and learning to make the best of it will not be easy and there will be times when people will need help in coping with the changes. One area that will be particularly difficult is the return to work in the formal office atmosphere.

New Habits Die Hard

It is not only old habits that are difficult to break – new ones are often no easier. Experts say that it takes about 21 days for a habit to develop. It is an unconscious process but once it is in place, it becomes a part of life and deviating from it can require a massive physical, mental and emotional effort. Those who worked from home over the last few months will find returning to office a strain. The way of working and the habits they developed at home will need to change. This also applies to those who will continue to work from home but who will now be required to visit the office for a day or two a week. The way we work may have changed far more than we realize.

Meeting with people, interacting with them in the real world and in the online world, getting our requirements across without being argumentative, learning again to accommodate the needs of others and many other skills will need to be revived. On the surface, it may appear to be a simple matter of picking up where we left off before the pandemic. However, during the last few months, our lives and the way we worked have seen great changes, some of the changes good and some not so much. To revert to the old work-life and to give up the advantages that working from home offered, will not be as easy as most people think.

Change can be difficult to deal with. Even those who think that they have adjusted to their return to office may find that their focus, concentration and productivity are affected. This may possibly put careers at risk. In such cases, it is best to seek professional help to adjust to the new normal. Expert counselors will be able to guide people to improve their overall sense of well-being. Online counselling from a highly reputed organization is the best way to get the guidance and help that is needed. Getting help so that we can adjust once again to new work circumstances is not a cause for concern or worry. It is an investment in our career and future.

The Stress of the New Normal

With the lockdown being slowly lifted, many of us are emerging from our homes to return to the lives we lived before the pandemic. However, it will not be the same in many ways. Adapting and adjusting to the “new normal” can be incredibly stressful. The support and guidance of a professional counselor will help those who are finding the changes difficult to incorporate.