Are you feeling low?

Mood swings have become part of our lives. We are almost addicted to some emotion that causes anxiety. There is pressure at work, home, relationships and above all keeping up with fashion, beauty, weight issues, and the list is endless.

What is causing these pressures? Do they have reality to it? We create a rule for acceptance from others and when we do not get it we feel depleted and cannot enjoy simple pleasures of life. We could think of few simple ways to feel joyous but one should want to seek happiness and get out of emotional addictions.

Are you feeling low?Drinking plenty of water with lime after a cold shower will immediately energize your body and calm your mind. Bananas have tons of good fat that are good mood boosters. They cure PMS, cramps, and have great nutrients to help the body bounce back from dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. This habit will keep you away from eating junk food.

Avoid social media at such times as we are humans, it is natural that seeing pictures of people vacationing and partying online, will make us hate our life. Contentment comes from logging out of envy inducing social media. It is difficult to switch off completely from your electronics so make some fun videos and share it with few friends, watch animal planet videos as they are good mood lifters. At the time of stress, do not indulge in what s app conversations as it will end up in bitterness as you would wish to feel empowered and there will be an argument which will push your mood down.

Happy hormones in the body stays for few hours and the negative hormones stick around for a long time. This makes our mind naturally feel low, it is scientific so we must try to keep reminding ourselves of happy moments and joyous thoughts. Negative thoughts create body toxins and the chemical reaction puts people in depression without evident reason.

Dancing is a great option. Do not drag your tired body to the gym or workouts. The body naturally reacts to a fun song or an upbeat music and you will feel refreshed.

Avoid negative people who drain your energy unknowingly. Criticizing and complaining creates negativity around you and you fall in to the trap of depression over a period.

Stay healthy by keeping your life simple and embrace positive energy from the nature.