Violence at home affects children

The nuclear family system is loading the entire burden on the parents. There is always a difference of opinion and ego clashes between the husband and wife; there is no one around to make them feel embarrassed that will make them control their temper reactions.

Young children are usually the victims of parental abuse. Boy child gets affected in a different way than the girl child. Boys between the age group of 3 to 5 years develop stammering, lack of social skills, destructive tendencies at play school and kinder garden.

They do not know that they are hurt and scared; Boys either become violent outside their home or shy away from people. The maturity and understanding of the boy child gets slowed down and he turns indifferent and cynical.

Boys also observe the mother showing a different personality; he has seen her as kind and gentle toward him when he was a baby. When he grows older he becomes an introvert and struggles to communicate his emotions to people.

Girls get nervous and anxious; as a 4 or 5 years old, they want to intervene and resolve the fight between the parents. In the process she carries the burden of fear and hurt all her life. She starts developing negative attitude to life and moves far away from home and turns to her friends for emotional support when she grows older.

The violent screaming and explosion of anger at home can make the girl child hate any man woman relationship in the future; or make her crave for attention from the world. Do we need to make our children go through this brutal emotion?

Children observe every movement of the parents as they can only learn and understand life through them. Parental responsibility in the modern society is a real challenge. Protect your child from this trauma.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth