Clean place and body keeps good mind

‘Swach Bharath’ is truly a motivating word that made us in Bangalore very aware of the surroundings. The king has to lead the way to his subjects and we can proudly say that our prime minister has inspired us to keep the surroundings clean. It is amazing to find people in India are so accommodating; as an NRI, I can only say that Indian people lacked a good leader after independence.

The caste and communal differences practically do not exist in neighborhood; everyone wants to feel one and do something for their country. The political scene was not conducive to take our people forward; this is a great opportunity that has come our way, let us make use of it. Each one of us can visit nurseries, schools and colleges to create health and environment awareness.

Nature can only provide us with so much energy and comfort; we need to keep it safe and clean for the posterity. Our country needs attention and I am very proud of the youngsters who go beyond the political violence and are able to see the future of India.

Swach bharath is an important concept; we have sown the seed and let us allow it to grow in to a tree to protect our generation. is involved in cleaning up of the country in a big way. Please sign up if you want a clean India and we can take this forward.