Youth of today

Youth of today is the driving force of tomorrow. They have the responsibility and the ability to shape and preserve this globe. Life style is an art that each individual cultivates to enhance their lives and make them happy. It is related to ‘time’, it can give positive or negative effects on the race that is marching towards self destruction.

Whatever justification one tries to accommodate for the changing life style; there are certain norms human beings have to follow like any other animal on the earth to lead a healthy, normal life. Animals are pre programmed by nature, they have no power to think or discriminate; humans can analyze a thought and implement what is best for them. However our life patterns around us don’t show any such maturity or wisdom.

Nature does not fail to function everyday so one cannot blame “time”, it is all in the mind of man who finds convenient excuses for failing in his responsibilities.

There is a huge revolution in relationships, family, marriages, and employment and business houses shaking the very foundation of human culture.

Health in youth

The marketing giants of the world motivated by greed have caused health concerns in youth. The processed foods, usage of pesticides, chemicals to grow over grown vegetables, hormone injected chicken and meat, trans fat tasty cookies and rich deserts have taken over our lives.

Eating disorders amongst youth is a matter of concern in today s world. They either skip meals, over eat processed food, gym crazily, become couch potatoes, have people to run errands for them so the natural body stretches are missed, or they hate the sight of food for fear of gaining weight.

It is interesting to know from a survey done by our foundation that 40% of the youth are obese and unhealthy, 30% of them have eating disorders, going towards anorexia. It is alarming.

The home cooked food are not available to youth and kids as the both parents work and it is easy to get fast food or get in to the ‘order out’ culture. Young married youth think it is a waste of time and energy to cook fresh at home. Anyways the energy and time will be wasted if there is no healthy life style.

Long working hours are fixed by the employers in a way that suits them and the young employees are engaged in a monotonous practice of spending hours in front of the computer screen, working. There will be financial progress, but they are moving towards an empty health balance.

They are not conscious that smoking, consuming high calorie fast food, intoxicants, pain killers, laziness while not at work will cut their life span and hinder country s progress.

The WHO and WEF have pointed at India that is going to incur an accumulated loss of $236 billion by 2020 on account of unhealthy life style and wrong diet. The invasion of ‘hip’ culture of clubbing, alcoholism especially in the metropolitan cities has accelerated the process of serious illness. Life style has become a disease in itself working as slow poison.

I am not trying to sound pessimistic but it is important to be aware of the changing times and how well can we handle the situation. Health awareness programs are an absolute necessity in the work place; corporate need to adopt a healthier work style for their employees. Schools and colleges should insist on healthy eating habits and of course parents have to go an extra mile to ensure that kids get home cooked healthy food.

Women may complain on time availability while they are working but the question you should ask is what are you working for? Is it merely to give material comforts and fat school fees or give your child a healthy life in the future? It is debatable but one has to prioritize and learn life skills.

The social media that is another giant in front of us should have interesting shows on health for kids and teenagers. Cartoons on screen are the best way to teach children good manners and discipline.

More next week on ‘cool’ youth. We appreciate your valuble comments and opinions.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth