Non acceptance leads to misery

People try to change things that seem out of control. Do personal fights affect your day to day functioning? Non acceptance of situations in life leads to disappointments, frustrations and sorrows. Everyone wants to have their way and they impose it on others; hence the discomfort in relationships. Vinod Pandey had series of arguments with his 16 years old son who was coming home late every night.

There was exchange of unpleasant words, fights and screams; very soon Vinod realized that his son needs space and may be that his way of working out his change in life. However the father kept a tab on his whereabouts, without micro managing him. There was peace. Our happiness does not depend on our expectations getting fulfilled as when they are not fulfilled we create energy of resistance and rejection. Mind becomes unstable.

If your spouse likes to hang out at home please accept it; that is his or her way. If your wife wants to go out with friends do not restrict her, give her that space and let her enjoy her life. There has to be mutual respect and trust. When you wish to advise anyone, first accept the person and share your opinion. If you are judgmental or critical they will resist your advice although they understand how much you care.

There is an experiment for 24 hours—someone insults you, accept it, don’t react and see what happens. Try total acceptance the whole day and check your energy. You will feel an energy flowing in you that you have not felt before. When somebody insults you, you feel weak, disturbed and start thinking of ways to get back. That person has won. He has occupied your mind. There are people who torture themselves by holding grudges for a prolonged period of time.

Once you have tasted the power of acceptance you will see a whole new world and laugh at your own reactions and resentments. Chasing the shadows will not help. We cannot change most of the things in life. The wise man is one who knows to find happiness in every given situation. It is one thing to desire and expect from others but that need not get fulfilled in the way you want. Sadness and anger take away your positive energy.

Youngsters have high expectations out of life and very little patience to accept the reality of life. Perfect parents, money, spending, friends, marriage, children, job, home, properties, recognition are all idealistic expectations; there is no perfection in this world and one cannot get anything free of cost! Parents of today raise their hopes in life of their children by providing every comfort without being asked. This kills the acceptance of life for them.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth