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Human hypocrisy has become habitual that reflects in every action. No one needs to think of manipulations; it comes out naturally. It is a feature that is stored as data in the mind computer. Humans are happy to store agendas that are selfish and destructive.

The hypocrisy that springs from such actions cannot be hidden. The sweet, meaningless talks that flatter the ego make man take the wrong road for survival. Inner voice and external forces collide when man takes his course of action; the hypocritical, selfish actions hurt the inner self and there is a moment in everyone s life that demands a healing touch. Human regrets cannot be repaired.

Man is trapped in the machines; he is more comfortable talking to them as his expressions are not identified by the computer or cell phones. People do not feel threatened by the machines as they can delete what they don’t want to know. People feel safe. Mind hates to deal with pressures of relationships.

We work with the machines effortlessly and when the computer is turned off, it does not carry baggage of desires, worries or stress but human mind gets turned on with anxiety and stress. Our head screen has no time limit; we cannot sign off from the thoughts. The audio visual entertainment keeps the mind closed so humans don’t have to deal with inner voices and conscience.

Most people applaud their own ability to be false and hypocritical; different values for different people. There are two lives people lead and we are unsure of which one we are dealing with. The shades of grey in the mind will take a toll on the generation. For example–In any informal social gathering in any part of the world seems farcical as the exchange of words or thoughts are not genuine, everything depends on how useful or resourceful we are in contributing to their selfish needs.

We hear bitter remarks behind our backs! The old civilizations carry the weight of ancient culture and conditioning, the cross currents of modern civilization has not found its roots on the earth. The pseudo spiritual leaders spread their messages for personal gain of power and fame. Hypocrisy has seeped in all spheres of life; they have to lead a false life.

We are proud of human race for innovative medical, technology, economics and social world; doctors pretend to be dedicated but they practice defensive medicine, technology drills new inventions that kill creative mind, economics makes man greedy and irrational, social and entertainment world advertise salable products to the weak mind. Media covers negative incidents and runs the show for their TRP!

How do we solve the problem of falling over the edge? Anyone can harp on the borderless world, cosmic consciousness, but the collisions of civilizations could provoke some of the worst bloodshed in years to come. The more global we try to get for economics; more ethnic man gets to find security for his mind. The power of currencies seems to unite humanity; it is like blind following the blind!

The incoherence in the human mind reflects pretence and building of false image. The knots in the mind have to be untied by us by making internal progress and accepting the hypocritical world around us. The clarity of mind will absorb any number of changes that occur in the world, the window screen of the human mind has to delete unwanted data and store the required energy to face the challenges in the world.

Mind has to stay away from environmental virus like hate, jealousy, fear, insincerity for peaceful human operations. There is a website to turn this world in to paradise.