Mother – teenage daughter dialogue

Parents walk in to the main hall when the teenager is chatting with her friend and pondering over the insecure conversation she might have had with her friends; she walks away to her room and the parents wonder where has my little girl gone who used to give us hugs and kisses. She is growing up. ‘Please come with us to shop for few things for home and them we could have lunch outside’ says the mother. The daughter turns around and says ‘how boring’ I am not coming anywhere, lots of school work’.

As a parent what am I supposed to do? How do I spend time with her? Pull her out by force or leave her to her discretion, as they know the moment the back is turned the chatting would start. Your child is at the door step of adulthood without maturity and wisdom; understandable as the age is not on her side. There are kids of her age who listen and agree to everything your daughter says and it fans her ego. This is the beginning.

The brash way of talking and being defiant is a break through children has from the restricted, structured life style they lead till they are teenagers. It is very important to make them feel at ease when they are growing up as a child.

Children learn without hesitation from the age of 4 till 12 years old, they also tend to imitate the parents. Mother daughter relationship gets better in the future if the parent demonstrates compassion, calmness and patience in all situations while the child is growing and you are still remote controlling them without their knowledge. The girl turns back and says ‘don’t you trust me’? The mother should smile at this question as it is only an immature little girl is questioning you not your baby girl. She is trying to arrive as an adult. Please understand, More on technology related issues with children and how to handle them.

“Life” in your handMs. Vasantha Vaikunth